Thru Ever Ending Black

by David J Caron

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released March 21, 2012

Music and lyrics Composed an written by David J Caron(c)2011. Taken from the album "Thru Ever Ending Black" by David J Caron.



all rights reserved


David J Caron Letterkenny, Ireland

Irish/Italian Writer/Composer of Melodic Metamorphic Metaphoric Rock Music !!
This is Different !

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Track Name: It Gathers
Look up thru the night maybe you’ll see a sign
Every constellation is a message in time
Messengers approaching in a voyaging shine
Harbingers a-travelling frozen in line
Reaching out a signal from the past unwinds
All these billion light years have we all been blind
What we’re looking for is what we could never find
Not everything we need to see is here in our minds.. but it gathers.. in me..
Cos it matters.. to me.. so it gathers………….

Knock on the sky and listen the sound
The echo it hides can never be found
Seeking is not allways the way to find
Stepping forward leaves phantoms behind
If you think you’re free there is no escape
Pretending to sleep you’ll never awake
Money only makes seem misery better
Walk in the rain you’ll only get wetter
Don’t think what to act just act out the thought
The things we all need can never be bought

Dying to live or living to die
You will see more with no plank in your eye
Afraid of the dark, afraid of the light
Chasing two hares catch neither you might
What would we do if we knew we won’t fail
Talk of the devil and you’ll see his tail
Those who can’t shine will try and confuse
But risking nothing is worse than to lose…
and that matters.. to me

so look up thru the night maybe you’ll see a sign
Cos every constellation is a message in time
Messengers approaching in a voyaging shine
Harbingers a-travelling frozen in line
Reaching out a signal as the past unwinds
All these billion light years we’ve been waiting blind
What were looking for is what we could never find
Cos everything we need to see is here in our minds.. and it gathers.. in me

When the light’s off you won’t find the switch
You can stand pain but never an itch
To reach any goal you have to aim higher
In which we all burn time is the fire
speed of time is one second per second
but speed of dark yet nobody has reckoned
corruption’s power and power corrupts
only with true love jealousy erupts
thO it flatters.. you grieve..

forgetting to laugh or laugh to forget
inviting trouble will be quick to accept
No need to explain true friends never need it
Those who don’t doubt you, would never believe it
If you surrender to the wind you won’t ride it
Some loose their true self and some try and hide it
promise only what you’re sure you’ll deliver
burn your timbers and you’ll drown in your river
it gathers see

Is everything we need to see right here in our minds.. does it matter.. you’ll see

if’you think you’re wiser you’re a fool to reveal it
When you have all you need you still never feel it
A glow illuminates but glare can obscure
Nothing is certain of that we are sure
Patience will only waste your time even more
There’s nowhere left to fall when you’ve hit the floor
Endure what you must before ashes to dust
Weapons of war in peace may they rust
No we need

War doesn’t resolve who’s right but who’s left
Easiest to fool is always yourself
Don’t look where you fell just find where you slipped
Can’t use your compass if your sails are all ripped
To best predict your future best to create it
The only way makes sure you won’t live to hate it
Knowledge isn’t wisdom, that’s where they all fall, cos
knowing you know nothing, is the smartest of all
Doesn’t matter.. you see..

so look up thru the night maybe you’ll see a sign
Cos every constellation is a message in time
Messengers approaching in a voyaging shine
Harbingers a-travelling frozen in line
Reaching out a signal as the past unwinds
all these billion years we’ve been waiting blind
What we’re looking for is what we could never find
Not everything we need to see is here in our minds.. but it me

Yes it gathers.. in me….
Cos it matters….
It’ll gather………….. if it matters…………………………in you..
Track Name: Look out
.I am your shootin’ star soon to be your meteorite
..I have travelled many million miles on my flight
.But there was nothing could prevent me from getting thru

.The void is dark even tho all the stars are bright
.But I was racing past to you at the speed of light
..My trajectory was locked onto target you

..Now I have you in my sight & my path is clear
.I’m getting ready to re-enter your atmosphere
.When our collision impacts, we will glow the same

.It’s not the angle of re-entry that heats me here
.I was already burning up before I grew near
Look up cos approaching fast from where you pulled I came
.Will be the ball of fire you set in flames.. so look out!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see me and you can hear me
But you won’t feel me, ‘til you feel that fire in you the same
Like a lightning bolt in the night, I will stab the black with the white
You’re that taste I need when I bite,
so you’ll always be flowing through my veins…

.I have survived the battering through the asteroid belt
.I’ve felt the loneliness impossible no one’s felt
.I’ve been unstoppable advancing too fast to freeze

.With every second I continue without relent
..Never deviate a moment from where I’m meant
..I am programmed to fulfilling what no-one sees

.So what exactly brings my orbital journey here
..Many galaxy’s I’ve voyaged through all these years
.Of all the choices in the cosmos, why pick you

.Cos only you that gravitational pull excites
.And only you that type of volcanic heat ignites
Nothing I can do if you are magnetising me to you ,
Only just you collide and crash into.. so look out!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re Desire… set me on Fire…. So look out…………………..!

You can see me.. and you can hear me.. but you can’t feel me,
and I’m on fire..
Track Name: Time Machine
We got a time machine, sea of time submarine
Leap like a trampoline, take us to the never been

Through the ambiguity, there’s believability,
There’s always point in believing in what can’t be found, hey
It doesn’t matter to me, if you can’t see what can be
There’s always ways of reversing what you can’t turn round, no

I don’t want be dreaming what I’ll never know
So.. punch a date you can feel into the time control.. and pull the lever

There’s a place they say lives forever
Nobody’s ever returned there ever never
But we’ve a reason to leap into the unforeseen ( you gotta trust me)
There’s a moment that we need to find
Lost in the somewhere that made up our time
Let’s get together and we can be our time machine.. back through whenever

cos we will never know, unless we ever go
and then we’ll always know, that we will never know

There’s an invisible key, it was so easy to see
It disappeared as the time in which we passed was wound, hey
But time is only a thief, if we lack the belief
To reinvent the regrets to which we think we’re bound, no

hit the button to jump outta sight
close your eyes and you’ll feel the light
back through the seas of time we’ll dive our submarine,
a leap in time trampoline
there’s no reason to fear what we learn,
that’s why it’s clear we have to return
and make the future the past has always intervened.. like (cos) we were never

Strength will be our gate
Now will be our time
Memory will be our date (we’ll learn)
What we feel will be our sign

Belief will be our fate
The future we will find
Forever is too late (we can’t wait) (return just)
To leave the past behind
Track Name: Comin' to get you
I am relentless in the mission that I attack
I have the fortitude and courage to bring you back
I feel the longing an’ the needing of what you lack
I know you’re feeling and the pain that you bleed is black
And when you need me then you won’t need to find me
I well know suffering don’t need to remind me
I’ll already be, makin my way to you
So are you ready, for feelin’ relief come true

You’ll feel me arrive in the distance
Anticipation, with no resistance, to feel alive

To you I’m flying, quickly descending
From my objective I’m never bending,
I’m not gonna let you down.. so I’m be coming to get you

But so long you’ve had to wait
And over you thought your fate
It never can be too late
To keep your beliefs alive
Cos just when you think your time
Has come to the end of your line
That’s when the strength you (will) find
Is (I’m) coming to save your life

Un-shut the shutters un-batton the hatches
set off the alarms and loosen the latches
put out the fires but burn all the matches
invent and adapt ‘cos that’s what the catch is
believe in yourself, don’t let no-one tell you
make up your own rules and pull on the bell to
show all the ringers why it’s your toll that sounds the best
be proud of your thoughts, forget about all the rest

I’ll always be here, I’m never leavin’
You can depend on just, what you believe in.. just to keep alive

My will is frozen never releasing
Determination never decreasing
Even half the earth underground, I’ll be coming to get you

My will is frozen never releasing
Determination always increasing
You know me by now.., and I’m coming to get you

You know the drill by now….determination is my game
I’m comin to save your life… relentless I will seek your flame
You know me by now…. fortitude is my name
I’m comin to get you…………….
Track Name: Memory Magnetic
It came like a bolt a thunder, It’s colours made me wonder
She opened her starboard bow door, where do I a ride need I for
Full thruster, full power, one quarter impulse power
Star-cruiser, warp-driver, jump to speed of light

All things I thought I never knew, far away from you
As I can get you still break through, to split my mind in two
Through never-ending black I see you, memory-magnetic bolts of you

Don’t ask me where I’m bound for, all I know is that we’re heading skyward
Head for the clouds I can see ‘em shining, could there really be a silver lining

When we’re flying high we always want to fly it more
But we don’t feel it till we can’t feel it no more

What is this thing you control in me, where is the switch that releases me
Forward propulsion is what we lack, we can’t go on and we can’t turn back
Unless I invent a time machine, to cut me free from your tractor-beam
It makes no difference you’re near or far,
You’ll never change why or who we are..

Take me back to where I came from, cos I’ve been too far away to long
I always used to see it nearly, but now I can see it clearly..

And so we waste, forever what we can’t conclude
And so we wait, impatiently as time eludes
That which we make, ourselves pointlessly endure
If it’s too late, why are we not convinced for sure..
Track Name: Feels of Fire
Up in the sky, up in the high
You re-arrange in a blink of an eye
Watchin’ the day, rollin’ away
With nothing to know or to show or to say..
There’s a secret that sleeps in me
It’s buried deep so you cannot see it
Only wish that I ever see
To be the way that it used to be

Turnin’ the hands.. fallin the sands..
Never a grain that remains in my hands
It’s killin’ my will to live

Take me away, take me away..
To an island, cast-away..
Don’t wanna be, don’t wanna be
'Cos it matters to me

To try and, survive in
A world with, no you in
I can’t be, without you
Within me.. there’s nothing to feel or to fight
( so set where I’m standing alight )
Feels of fire.. take me higher..

Down come the pain, down like the rain
Fillin’ each beat and each breath that it stains
Makin’ me laugh, makin me cry
Releasin’ each memory en-teared as they dry
There’s a shadow that follows me
It’s creepin’ up but I will deceive it
A little magic could make it right
And turn the blacker back into white..

My spirit is leavin, from all I believe in,
It’s you that I’m needin, to relight the feelin,
Without your fire in, my flame will expire in me

I wish I was dreamin, this perpetual grieving,
I Can’t keep concealin, the thoughts that are screamin
I wanna be flyin, away from the sky I’m in..
Invisible is the one you’re in
Track Name: Frozen Ice
Beyond the wrong.. beyond the right
Beyond the darkness and.. beyond the light
Whatever’s waitin there, we cannot name
It can’t be pearly gates not even eyes of flames
No soul has ever cheated death and then returned
So all assumptive theories may as well be burned
It makes no odds which figurine is in your hand
To grip your whole life through, praying your choice is true,
And there to welcome you into the promised land..

So reach it out, I can(will) be there,
you can hold onto me without floatin’ in the air
No matter what lies through the gate we’ll face alone
until your river’s crossed I’ll be your stepping-stone
Only the memories we make is what we leave
Moments forever sewn in tapestries we weave
Droplets of meaning in a sea of frozen ice
Will you remember me, will you remember them,
Can you still picture me or do you need to think twice..

So.. Feel me, inside of you
Movin, growin in time with you
Slowly, makin a part a you
Know that, I love makin you..
(I’m all you need in you)

I am the one, you need to choose, with every second gone there’s more time left
to loose, I’ll sail your ship with you, and I’ll always steer,
my compass at the helm across the sea of fear..
I’ll guide you through the night, when clouds conceal the stars,
never lost with me you’ll be, Cos near is where we are
And when the Craken wakes to drag you down below,
I’ll stare it in the eye, I’ll wink and tell it why,
we need to pass it by, and onward we will go..

You know you are my beating heart,
you know you are why I beat my heart
You are my.. you are why…
Feel me, inside of you movin
growin in time with you slowly,
makin a part a you Know that, I love makin you..
(yeah makin a part a you Know that)
Track Name: Unbreakable
Take the breeze that glides thru my wings
Take the sun and all the light it brings
Take the glow from the moon, take the star-shine,
maroon me in night..
Take all the energy that makes me move
Take any hope that makes my chance improve
Take my sight, take my sound take my one landing ground from my flight
Take all the wind that so could fill my sails
Take all the luck no doubt prevents me fail
Take each last blade of grass from each cliff
I could grasp I must climb

But there’s unbreakable belief inside
2. (cos there’s a bullet proof)
in a place in me you’d never find (you’ll)
An unyielding as each inch I climb
There’s a strength of mind could never die
I am a wall that cannot be brought down
A moving force that can’t be turned around
I will endure and I will persevere
Till I return from where I disappeared

Take my oars, and make my boat not float,
take all my bridges surround me with moats,
Take each smooth edge away from each rock so they fray ‘gainst my rope.. Let me fall.. I’m Unbreakable…
Un-defeatable.. I’m Un-shakeable.. I’m Unbreakable…

Give me time.. I’ll take your breath away
And we will live to fight another day,
can’t Take our heart, take our soul,
from the start till we’re old we’re
Un-shakekable.. Un-defeatable

if there’s unbreakable belief inside
in a place in us they’ll never find
An unyielding as each inch we climb
Then there’s a strength of mind could never die
We are a wall that cannot be brought down
A moving force that can’t be turned around
we will endure and we will persevere
we will prevail and we will re-appear

we’re Unbreakable..
Track Name: Dark of Night
Tell me a thing can’t be found and I’ll find it
Show me a square isn’t round and I’ll round it
nothing there is that exists for you I couldn’t do

the eyes always lie on the face if you mask it
but you’ll see the truth in my heart if you ask it
nothing there is that I wish to be keeping from you

you are the fire that flows in my fountain
wish for a king and I’ll show you my mountain
forever the ring of your words I’ll be counting in me

so when you blinded the beam you were shining
tempting me finding your flame hypnotising
pulling me onto the rocks that I could never leave

Your siren eyes they were made to capture mine
Forever our wires from then on would be entwined
Never no way to untie the knots that couldn’t be

These are the rules and so we must obey them
Only a fool would attempt to renege them
When there is only one to which you’d want them to mean

So when we’re in the dark of night.. you are my dynamite
And always cos you’re spark is right.. you set my fuse alight
And when there is no light to find.. you make my darkness shine
And even though you steal my time.. you’re thieving blows my mind

Wrong was always right and square was always round,
black was always white and up was always down
But never confuse what you loose if they choose not be found
Can’t be rewound is the clock that I’m winding
And cannot be found is the place where I’m standing
So never believe in the things they say never can be

Never no rules if you never obey them
But never be fooled if you don’t hear me say them
There’s words that will only persuade you what they never mean

The voices shout you can’t get out
In here you’re stuck without a doubt
Cos always in my mind you’ll be..

So deep in the dark of night you are my dynamite
And because your spark is right you always set my fuse alight
Whenever no light I find you always make my darkness shine
And even you steal my time your thieving blows my mind

….what you decline cos time never
Rewinds back your clock when you find it’s just stopped in your
Track Name: The Knights
Take me back, back in time, to a place where all was fine
Pull me down to the ground, let me hear familiar sounds
The ground is thumping..Somethings coming,
Replacing the breath with the fear in you
No use in hiding, where they are riding to you
Cos they see with knowledge and not with their eyes
Only you, who are true, will not feel us passin’ through
Which are you, are you false or true,
Are you sure of who you are, Or are you outta time..

Yeah we are five, ‘n we all fly, on horses up in the sky we ride
We watch you, ‘n we see you, we know the things that
nobody knows.. We stand proud, n we stand tall,
We will seek out all of your evils, we are the knights and we’re able to, lies and truth split, divide in two

Keep your ear to the ground, one dark day they will be found
Comin’ back, closin’ in, back to see the shape you’re in
Don’t be runnin, no point in runnin,
Cos you can’t change what you have done..
When they’re comin, judgement is coming to you
Cos they see with knowledge and not with their eyes
Only you, who are true, will not feel us passin’ through
Who are you, what did you do,
Are you sure of who you are, or are you outta time..

Yeah we are five, ‘n we all fly, on horses up in the sky we ride
We watch you, n we see you, we know the things that
nobody knows.. We stand proud, ‘n we stand tall,
We will seek out all of your evils, we are the knights and we will find you, and we will know if there’s no truth in you

Don’t you run, never run, cos you can’t change what you have done
Only you, who are true, will not feel us passin’ through
Unless you’re outta time..

We are inseparable, we are one, we ride until our work is done
You don’t us call, just we will come
We deal no lies, we use no tongue, but we know all under the sun
We are the knights, truth we obey..
Track Name: Too Much Little Time
Better make it last the first time ‘cause seconds never last
gotta make the best of all times cause all of them go past
You gotta look long enough until you find your own way through
You gotta be strong enough in every thing you do
If you wanna go and sit up there you gotta deal with things you find
If you wanna be without a care you gotta leave your dreams behind
Hell or Heaven now you’ll wonder where you’ll go…
Won’t have to wait much longer now before you know

So what do the feelings and what do the meanings mean
And what is deceiving and what’s for believing in
Anyway it can twist you but it will never miss you gone
You can die for a kiss until the time to resist’s too long
(You can die to be kissed but you will never resist as long)

Don’t wanna loose yourself in endless space and time
Cos there’s just too much and.. too much little time

You gotta appear to know decisions your gonna make
You gotta be clear and show direction you’re gonna take
You gotta disguise your feelings, conceal the fears you hide
You gotta be a rock to lean on if you’re crumbling inside
If you wanna have your dignity you gotta earn your own respect
You gotta do a little every day to achieve what they expect
You gotta be a shinin’ hero when you look in your baby’s eyes
Cos It never takes much for them to, make you realise

And when your pressure’s buidin’ up from down below
You know you’re gonna have to sometime let your fuses blow
What do you sacrifice to make it all worthwhile
Can you foresee a time when your reflections makes you smile
If you wanna have the one you want you gotta captivate her mind
But so many words to choose and so many lines

So what did the feelings and what did the meanings mean..
And who was deceiving and who was for beliving in
Every tail has a twist but will we be at all missed when gone
Did we die for a kiss or did we have to resist too long

Don’t wanna loose yourself in endless space and time
You’ll only find yourself when there’s nothing left to find..
cos there’s just too much and too.. much little time

If you ain’t got it yet you might as well forget it
If you don’t understand you may live to regret it
You can let it twist you any way you want it
But you will never feel you’re there unless you love it
Track Name: Who are you
Can you replace in me the parts all broken
Can you forget in me the words were spoken
Can you un-stab in me the dagger through me
Can you go back to when you never knew me
What can you do to fix the severed feelings
What is the point to promise never’d meanings
Hangin on your cliff you hear me callin
Just you turn away leave me fallin

Cos I don’t need my heart
It’s poisoned through like a rotten core
And I don’t need my eyes
Cos neither eye I believe no more
And I won’t hear no words
Cos truth and lies always sound the same
And I don’t need no promises
Cos all they leave you in is flames..

So who are you.., cos fool were you, yeah who were you
Who was the fool you didn’t think you were
While you were thinking who you thought you were
You weren’t the who I knew

Can you un-burn the hurt in me you blistered
Can you un-blow all sweet nothings you whispered
Where do you hide the memories forsaken
You are the fool on which the ride you’ve taken

Well I can’t feel no hurt
Cos it’s too long inside of me
And I can’t feel no pain
Cos it’s become just a part of me
And though memory’s a flame
Burning deep where you cannot see
But every time I breath in maybe..
I feed that flame you left in me..

So tell me who are you.. cos I don’t know you..
Yeah who were you
You’re not who I thought you were
Not even who you said you were
So I don’t know who you are, haven’t got a clue
You’re not the who I knew..
You look like you but you ain’t who that you I knew you were
So where are you
Track Name: Wall of Life
Around we walk the wall of life, every step will have it’s price
Every day got somethin’ new to say, get it out before it blows away
Reach the top and come back down, but up and down is round and round
In the distance there’s a better way, but high up here it’s just too far away
Still we walk the wall of life, and round the maze we go like mice..

So break these walls and get me outta here,
cos I just knew there had to be a way to get us outta here..

Plant a little seed and let it grow, you only have a lifetime yet to go
All your dreams can be your destiny, cos nothin’ is impossible to me
Tickin’ the hours, tickin’ the days,
Time goes on and everyone says, nothin’ at all, nothing’ at all

Wakin’ up to find a different world, wasn’t as expected or as told
In the life I’m learning every day, cannot speak but everything to say
When I get older I’m gonna be an astrobot, tickin’ days and tickin’ years
it’s not as easy as I thought
Somethin’ always blocks the way, not easy to take away
Will we ever have our day, there must be another way
I look up to the heavens with my arms stretched out but you’re not there
Where are you I’m searchin’ everywhere
Never thought you’d fade away, but even though I can’t explain
Somethin’ makes me feel this way, what else do I have to say..

Liberate me, you did make me, you must be the, one to save me
Still I climb to find the final step, countin’ steps to see how many’s left
Why is there no magic I used to believe inside of you
All our dreams are getting’ torn in two
Are you gonna look this way, Are you even there today,
It’s time to throw the rules away, are you even listenin anyway
Tickin’ the hours, tickin’ the days, time goes on and, everyone says
Nobody says, Nothing at all..

When I get older I’m gonna be an astrobot
But time is tickin’ faster than I thought
Something always blocks the way, not easy to take away
But no more will it stand’n my way, cos now I’m gonna have my say

Time is tickin’ like a bomb inside you
Always beating slower but it’s tickin’ faster
That’s how it deceives you cos it never leaves you
Till you’re reachin’ the end, and then it pretends when you
still haven’t said the things in your head it takes you away..
and that was your life…
Track Name: Beam the Ray
If you see me flyin’ high today
remind me to freeze in the frame on the wall
Cos you know there’ll come another day
when you won’t see me at all

Flyin machine flyin’
I’m tryin’ to find a way down through the clouds today
Flyin machine flyin’
Tell ‘em I’m tryin’ to get down to the ground today
Beam the ray to find me
Kindly remind me to look for the light as I fall
Beam the ray to find me
‘Cos I can’t find my way at all
And I know want to know can you see me.. ‘cos I feel it

If you see me feeling good today
Remind me to stop all the clocks on the wall
Cos you know there’ll be another day
When there’s no feelin’ at all

Flyin machine flyin’
Which is the way to get back to the other day
Flyin machine flyin’
Where is the dream that I thought used to be this way
Beam the ray to find me
Just remind me to look for the light as I fall
Beam the ray to find me
‘Cos I can’t find my way at all
And I want to know can you see me.. ‘cos I feel it

Now somethin’s changin’ I can see, Could I be loosin’ used to be
The clouds have cleared the mist has gone, I see the colours.. hear the song

So clear the way around me,
And beam that ray to find me
I see the light-line on the ground,
I’m comin’ through I’m comin’ down
Track Name: In me
Climb in my ear and you will hear, the sound of you echo in me
Crawl in my mind and there you’ll find pictures of you in memory
All visualised, immortalised with every sound you ever said
Don’t need my ears, don’t need my eyes
to know you’re always in my head.. though I’d have you here instead

my heart is tearin’ as I try to let you go
but my mind is swearin’ that there’s things you still should know
like these feelings, full of meanings,
that you wanted but you sawed in two
they’re still bleedin’ and they’re still grievin’ but
they’re still waitin’ here, longing for you
cos only your shape fits the hole you left.. in me

and if you knew how deep, runs my pain for you
wouldn’t that prove how much I feel for you
climb inside me and look through my eyes and
feel all my dreams and you will see that it’s
you and only you.. who’ll always always be… in me

climb into me so you’ll believe just how it feels when missin’ you
fell me breathe and feel me squeeze out every drop of feelin’ you
to fill me up, with no more pain, you are the blood inside my veins
I am complete with every beat, you make me feel alive again
Until my daydream ends..

cos there ain’t room for two, there’s only room for you.. in me

I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I’m near you.. In me…
Track Name: Still Just One Moon
Someone somewhere declared we march off holding guns
To point and fire should we see different same someone’s
It Matters not though they have lives the same as you
Their flag is different so your orders control you
Beside me wondering there’s hundreds more like me
When will that final moment find us randomly
Will we get time to know and feel our last goodbye’s
Or will that last misfortune be our last surprise
All we know.. is we won’t know..

I could be home now lying under her Willow tree
Gazing quiet stars her perfumed softness next to me
Familiar summer breeze within the corn protects us there
As far can be away from fear, as her noises tease the air
Lying there each second 30 miles through space we move
But instead of reaching other lives our own ones we remove
It’s so much harder to approach than to destroy
Bullets now approaching mum, dad, on target for your boy..
Here they come.. Now I feel numb..

Tell my girl that my heart was hers, before it’s fatal wound
Tell her, my family and my brothers that I’ll never see them soon
Tell my country that I died for her, tho there’s still just one moon
And tell whoever playin’ with my life, should play a better tune..

So what are you doing here, your time wasn’t even near
Four score at least in years, before you were to be here
And who threw away your time, for a medal that only shines
Cos there’s only one thing to find, when your life away they sign
So pick-up your blood filled pens, and re-write your rules with bends
Bring more than just lives to an end, or will we just keep going round again..again..again.. and again…

Tell my girl that my heart was hers, before it’s fatal wound
Tell her, my family and my brothers that I’ll never see them soon
Tell my country that I died for her, though we still share one moon
And tell whoever playin’ with my life, here’s a much better tune…
Track Name: Escapin' Back
Capture me in your lair,
where you weave your spell and tantalize me there
I want your claws on me till I’m teased everywhere
Catch me in that tempting web that I can’t tear
Let me feel your touch I want to feel it bare
Overwhelm me with you till I gasp for air
Don’t wanna leave your clutch cos I wouldn’t dare..

To.. try escape from your trap
Cos I’d soon, want to, be escapin’ back
Cos I need it, just that feelin’ of adrenalin you supply
cos that heart-ache, that you make, need just to feel alive

Hide me from your truth,
feed me with your sin and fill me with your lies
the more your box fills up the more I want you mine
I Don’t want to know, don’t wanna look inside
All I need to know is I don’t know why..

I.. can’t escape from your trap
And if I, did I’d, keep on escaping back
Cos I need it, just that feeling, of adrenalin you supply
And that heart-ache, that I take, with me till the day I die

So I wouldn’t dare.. But I don’t know why ..

Now I know why, only you I ,
back to you I, I’m escapin’
Track Name: One by One
So now I’ve found that all around, has fallen down
Without a sound it’s turned around, and broken down
you will not find no piece of mind, you will break down
and one by one your day will come, you’ll fall down

Number 1, learn to play, learn to laugh, learn to say
Number 2, only one, live it well, give it hell
Three is greed, four is hate, always leave, never take
Number five, these are lies, those who lie, always cry
Six is love, always give, equal to, all that live
Seven shows, you should know, pick the one, don’t let go
Choose your fate, this is eight, use your time, that was nine
Ten is peace, ten is fair, room for all, everywhere..

Dungeons deep, couldn’t keep, me inside, if they tried
Land or sea. Couldn’t be, th’one to keep, you from me
Bluest sky, highest peak, I would fly, I would seek
Darkest depths, I would brave, for a life, not a grave
And if you see, what I see, set it free, join with me
Still you laugh, still you cry, everyday, then goodbye
Even you, even I, have a say, have a try
Be it earth, be it moon, be it right, be it soon..

you will fall down, you will..

what of the stars that I placed in the dark
not they were there just for you to remark
what of the good that I filled in your heart
not it was there to ignore from the start
where are the lanterns of faith in the night
how can they shine if they hide in the light
where are the guardian angels in white
and why would they show if you want wrong as right
so where is the wisdom and where is the truth
without the integrity then what is the use
where is, the courage, the spirit, the honour
cos without the strength you will loose all your colour..
Track Name: Irreplaceable
I am your.. you need my..
Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere
Irreversible, I am your atmosphere
Un-correctable, I am your lithosphere
Irreparable, I am your hydrosphere
Irreplaceable, Biosphere..

What you need outta me, you’ll take outta me
Not a thing can you see, wasn’t given by me
I.. make the air you breath, the food on which you feed
The gold for which you bleed..

Think of me, as the one and only one who cannot leave
You always think of me as one who cannot feel
All these years forgotten tears will take their toll
Forever attack the only blue in your black

You take the soul outta me, you never let me be
You burn holes in me, you’ll be the death of me
Take.. the fuel to build your fire
The flames are getting’ higher
Of you I’m getting’ tired..

Irreversible your atmosphere
Un-correctable your lithosphere
Irreparable your hydrosphere
Irreplaceable your biosphere
Track Name: Unlock it apart
shadows can’t hide it, spark is inside it
time will rewind it, dark will help find it
memories make it, deep in your heart aches it,
not even love breaks it, only your life takes it,
you can’t decide when it fills you inside suddenly
you’re along for the ride, spinnin’ out of control

who said time heals it, who said fate deals it
the more you pine seals it, the more you wait feels it,
no-one wants to show it, no-one wants to know it
no oar can through row it, no door to through blow it
you can’t decide when that time bomb arrives
suddenly you’re alone in the dark
(spinnin breathless) with no breath left to blow out the spark

flow your worst through me, you can’t bother me today
pump your hurt through me, my heart’s been broken anyway
you belong to me, you make me who I am today
but I long to feel, how it feels with you away

cos the keys that lock it in the heart, forever..
can be too long locked in the dark
and only light can unlock them apart

lies make the heart of it, mostly the part of it
always the start of it., unloads a cart of it
no way to undo it, no way to unglue it
face it won’t erase it, but maybe you’ll replace it
you can’t decide when someone new arrives suddenly
you will feel it subside (with your spark back)
spinnin breathlessly out of control
Track Name: So Let there be Light
They say that in the beginning, there was heaven and earth
It was formless and void of creation and birth
Over the surface of deep, his spirit was moving
Was separated the darkness away from the light
And so was given the day, and given the night
And in the dawning of time, there was a morning

Was divided the waters above and below
The sky from the land, seas started to flow
Fruit born on the tree with the knowing to grow
Was made a light for the day and one for the night
One will be perfectly hot and both’ll be white
And in the dark of the heavens many others will show

And so the waters teemed exploding with life
Every Creature and monster and bird of all type
Multiplying spontaneously in a moment
Now Let there be brought fourth every manner of beast
From those that can gallop to those that’ll creep
And every one will be eaten, by another more potent

Now to make it complete let there be someone to rule
Make him sit at the top and make him easy to fool
Let there be all he needs and he’s bound to believe it
Create the clues in the book to keep’em all in a spell
Those who risk to believe.risk the fires of hell
Oblivious to the wool on their eyes as they weave it

So ring those bells to call us, no matter what befalls us
We’ll stand and sing those choruses, But all that that brings us for us is ?
To keep us blinded by the light, Waiting in hope in case it might
Appear before we never, Stop waiting what for ever

So let there be Adam and let there be Eve
Let them be the first to creation receive
The father and mother of all civilisation

Let there be garden of Eden forbidden the fruit
The tree of knowledge keeps hidden the truth
Until the serpent reveals the inner temptation

Let there be fall of man let there be flood and ark
Let there be Ten commandments and seas that part
But still we suffer destruction and desperation

Let there be rivers of light from heaven shining through
Let there be angels flying, beckoning you
As long as your faith has secured your salvation
Track Name: The One
Far and wide my journey was in front of me
Deep inside the yearning confronted me
To find the one that I needed to find
To seek the answer to the question ever burns inside
Only searchin reveals what to know
A place there is only those the knowledge can be shown.. can find it..
Take the path that leads through the night
Find the Double-u turn to the right
past the river that glows in the dark
Don’t let the crocodile hear you ‘cos she wants your heart
through the valley of blurs to the top
Follow the echos that were before they made you stop..
and hear these words inside..

i’ve seen the ones cut deep to the bone
i’ve seen the ones that’ll turn you to stone
it’s what’s inside not looks that can kill
the eyes’ll hide the hooks that’ll fill you
in armour shining you dreamed of your knight
for your’s alone is the heart that i’ll fight for ‘cos
you are the one with the fire deep in your eyes,
where my reflection are the one..

onward and upward my quest it proceeded
every obstacle tests you to need it
what you will settle for what you will pass
how strong your metal how long will your resilience last
many visions will tempt as their aim
but never be the moth learn it’s better bein the flame.. attracting
beyond the echos begins another level
beware the cactus the fork of the devil
the skull of granite will lead to the steps
up in the pyramid cave the secret pool is kept
upside down there it hangs the knowledge giver
all but who know who they want will see a mirror to view..
but i can see right thru..and i see you..

i have journeyed far and wide, i’ve been searchin low and high, and i can tell inside, there’s no disguise this time.. i can see it in your eyes..
it just feels right this time.. you are the one

now i’ve discoved what i’ve always known
quicker the better the wind blows me home
on the back of an eagle I’ll glide a while
avoid the snap at the heels from the crocodiles
back through the valley and through the glowin’ river
only the promise of you makes me shiver inside.. but it feels warm this time. .
you must be the one
Track Name: Final Bell
My last rites have been read, I’ve made my last request
Without what I’ve asked for, at peace I will not rest
Their opening my door now, it’s time to face my fate
But always there’s hope inside me, even as I walk the through the gate
I walk my final steps, but still no-one has said
Why my final wish is still just a longing in my head
I could have asked for anything and have my wish come true
But the only thing I’d ask for is one moment more with you

I need to see you looking at me, one last time staring at me
into my eyes deep so I can see, right through to the place that you keep
those secret feelings you keep, locked inside hidden from me
to really know that in your heart I beat, the way your eyes say you feel for me

cos your eyes are confusing me

Instead, the sack’s placed on my head
The levers hang on contact edge and the bulbs are glowing red
My lungs fill they’re last breath.. I’m almost out of time
My life is hanging by a thread and still of you there is no sign
Then like a miracle, suddenly I hear
Your voice at last approaching, and I can believe my ears
I hear you looking at me, and you wrap your hands around
Each and every lever but do you pull them up or down

So what do I have to do, to see deep into you
Wait till my last moment, to be un-confused by you

Wait to my final bell.. ?…
Track Name: Has to be
Every-time I see you, you never look my way,
how do I get you to be closer to me than far away..
cos I can feel your power racing through me every hour
But when I don’t look near you, I don’t need my eyes to see,
I feel your gaze upon me burning a hole inside of me..

A hole that never fills, it never will until, you look to me and say,
be with me today, If only you could see, the thoughts inside of me,
the things I want to say, the games I want to play, and I don’t even know,
why you don’t let go, and tell me who you are, And lessen just how far,
apart we need to be, so you could clearly see, like daylight in the dark,
how magical we’d be..

What kind of message can I send you you’ll understand
Just how much body language, will I have to withstand
Should I learn semaphore to, flag my intentions through
How do I get to de-code, the things you really want in you
So you could feel my power, growing through you every hour
So open all your gates and feel how good it feels to let me through

Cos through will get you true, and true forever lasts,
and last you’ll never be, In what means most to me,
and most to me you’ll know, and no won’t let you go,
Though fish can fill the sea, there’s none for tempting me,
my heart to yours is nailed, So help me hoist our sail,
and point our rudder to, somewhere bright and new..
Cos like a killer whale, time is on our tail,
and since no-one else will do.. It has to be with you..

And if Ullysees sailed the sea and saw his way to rescue me
brought me ashore to Cyclops see then I’d want you to be with me
And should Poseidon raise his fork and to us in our sailboat talk
to point the way I’d have to say I’d only go if it’s with you
And if we got sucked down into a raging cyclone storm whirlpool
that brought us to somewhere real cool then I’d want you to be with me
And if that whale fast on our tail jaws opened wide gulped us inside
I would care not if just I knew it happened when I was with you

No matter whatever’s upon me, no matter whatever wrongs me
Doesn’t matter wherever along we are, only matters that it has to be with you
Track Name: Legendary
Grew myself a pair of wings today, thought it’s time I’d try and fly away
Cos I was needin’, a better feelin’, only air was standing in my way from
me revealin’.. what I’d been dreamin’

swoopin’ down among the neon lights, not every glimmer isn’t candle bright without concealin’..
or decievin’.. if just my heart you want to steal away that isn’t thieving.. you I’ll believe in..

If for a moment you could let me say.. To the stars I’ll take you far away, then we’d be flyin’..
we’d be glidin’.. beyond the realms of possibilities we’d be arriving.. nothing denyin’

..We’re not ordinary .. We’re extraordinary,
..Bio-luminescent.. Uni-effervescent
..Geo-stationary.. Interplanetary
..Our present never wasn’t.. Future reminiscent
.And Though we think were clever. We won’t be here forever
.Our Pain is voluntary. It’s not obligatory
.Feeling is an afflication.. When Love’s a contradiction
.So make us visionary ..Not just illusionary
.Life is imaginary .Free will is mandatory
..We’re Revolutionary.. We could be legendary..

there’s no way stop the sands of time, but hold my hand and there will be no sign of us or dividin’.. providin’.. the only key to lock your trust is mine without decidin’.. where it could hide in’

On your mountain I will build your throne, my intentions I could carve in stone without surprisin’..
or devisin’.. a fiendish trap to stab you in your back, while I was tryin.. to have me smilin’

..We’re not ordinary .. We’re extraordinary
..Bio-luminescent.. Uni-effervescent
..Geo-stationary.. Interplanetary
..Our present never wasn’t.. Future reminiscent
.And Though we think were clever. We won’t be here forever
.Our Pain is voluntary. It’s not obligatory
.Feeling is an addiction.. When Love is an affliction
.So make us visionary ..Not just illusionary
.Luck is imaginary .Free will is mandatory
..It’s Revolutionary.. We will be legendary..

It doesn’t matter to me.. if it don’t matter to you. How could it matter to me.. you sneaked up behind me.. and then you followed me through
How you expect me to feel.. I can’t ignore what felt real..
All that I wanted to do is what you always said you always wanted me to

Are you my mirror or are you my glass, will I see through or won’t you let me past without admiring, what you’re requiring.. just reflect memories that always last without expiring.. or depriving..

..You’re not ordinary .. You’re extraordinary
..Bio-luminescent.. Uni-effervescent
..Geo-stationary.. Interplanetary.
...Your present never wasn’t.. Future reminiscent
.My Pain is voluntary. It’s un-avoidatory
.though I forgive you never. I’ll miss your face forever
.It’s not a contradiction when love is an addiction
.So make me visionary ..Not just illusionary
.Truth not imaginary .Freedom reluctantory
..You’re Revolutionary.. You will be legendary..
Track Name: I am your shadow
In the darkness there shines a light
Distant goal of our journey tonight
Test of faith are these steps that you take
Only your doubts will your own failure make

Follow the path through the dark that you find
Just watch your step or you’ll fall either side
Long and narrow you’ll have to endure
Not all the steps that you take will be sure
Creeping forward your heart makes you doubt
But straight ahead is the only way out
Thinking back you can recall the time
Before you had all these fears in your mind

Don’t let how lonely you feel get you down
Just trust I’m there cos you can’t turn around
If you can make it without need to see
Your trust will be worth your belief in me

I will be there.. And in the darkness if you’re scared
I’ll be your light, I’ll be your flare
I’ll lead you there.. I’ll be your breath, I’ll be your air
I am your shadow I’ll lead you there.. Oh Yeah..(Everywhere)!

Don’t let your doubts enter into your mind
Don’t let your demons of dark turn you blind
The more you hurry the slower you’ll go
But slow you worry is not what you know
Stare not the eyes that appear in the dark
In here their bite is much worse than their bark
Hallucination will distort their sounds
They trip you up it’s a long way down
Not far to go now, you’re almost there
Reach out your arms and just fly through the air
If you can make it you’ll then hold the light
And only then will you see’f you were right

Ignore the arrows around that attack
They only harm if it’s courage you lack
Don’t you worry I’m right here behind
You gotta trust I’m not just in your mind
Don’t you reach for me, don’t call on me
Can’t let you see what you’re dying to see
Have to believe though you can’t hear a sound
Step at a time just don’t you turn around

I’ll be your radar, on your back
I’ll be your shield should they attack
Track Name: The Tree that waits
In dark through the trees, I crawled up to my knees
Through storm lightning rain, frozen fighting the pain you gave
I fought to the top, to where once we had stopped
Where you carved in the bark, our names forever in hearts
So I climbed back to tear, off that branch we once shared
to bring back to you..

So what does it mean, to invent a dream
When all that you feel, is not really real
And all meaningful words are said just to be heard
To fall into time and forever haunt in your mind
Till all you thought true, and all that you knew,
Has deserted you…

So will you feel the sound, if I cut that tree down
With the words it still bears, if you no longer care
In what you believed, an’ all the memories you leave
To fall in the dark, darkest place of my heart
Only to return, as they forever burn,
remembering you..

But what you don’t know, is still I would go
Back up through those trees, through tornados of breeze
In dark storm of night, for you I’d still fight
Where no one else would dare, just to know you wait there
To re-carve those hearts, in that overgrown bark,
that’s waiting for you..
Track Name: This is Now
Between the wish and the thrill there is no dividing line
no sense in dressing to kill to die not reading the signs
we never foresee the chill until it runs down our spine
there aint no point standing still while you just run outta time

the more your fears you believe the more they twist in your mind
the more the years you achieve the more you miss left behind
so shoot your arrow, aim straight and narrow, target the heart is your goal
to catch the rabbit, you better grab it, before it jumps down the hole

there's only one life, we gotta live it. no second chance this is it, it's now we're in it
there's things'll take it, there's things'll give it, no time to lose all we got is now to win it
your courage is deep, the future's hollow, just trust in yourself to leap, your heart will follow
no way to rewind, no time to borrow, this is it, this is now, it will be gone tomorrow

the more the risk that we see the less we chance not to take.. to get caught
the door that leads to the key we guess must be a mistake .. but its not..
no way to know when the day suddenly turns into night
away they go when you say no words you thought that you might
cos all you don't do, will always haunt you, in a way you'll never console, so..
i’ve learned from this I'll, shoot my missile, even if it's out of control

no way to rewind, no time to borrow, this is it, this is now, it won’t be here tomorrow

we never foresee the chill until it runs down our spine
there ain't no point standin waitin till we run out of time
there's no excuses, no inhibitions, there are no limits, we are our ammunition
all circumstances disguised are hidden chances that die if they are wasted away..
what more can I say....... there's nothin' else left to say…

your courage is deep, your hollows willin, to trust in yourself to leap to steps you fill in

we have to do this tonight there could be no tomorrow
10. .no time to wait cos some night 9.. too late arrives tomorrow
8.. eight seconds left, fill that hollow
6..just when you think you should not, 5..that’s when your heart you follow way to rewind,3.. just make up your mind
2.this is it, this is now, won’t be here tomorrow..